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Menus - Wine List

Valentines Menu
 14th February 2024

Pate Maison
Lobster Bisque
Eggs with Mayonnaise & Caviar
Whole Mushrooms in Garlic & Red Wine Sauce
 King Prawns in Chilli, Garlic & White Wine
Breast of Chicken in Red Wine, Mushrooms, Bacon, Herbs & Garlic
 Steak in Black Pepper Sauce
Vegetable Moussaka
Sweet OR Cheese
Coffee & Mint

Winter Menu
Sliced Local Free-range eggs with Piri Pir Mayonnaise & Bacon Crumb
Pate de Foie Maison
Mushrooms in Garlic , White Wine & Cream
 Hot Smoked Mackerel with Garlic & Horseradish
Pancake Filled With Cod .Haddock .Salmon .Mussels .Squid ,Prawns Topped with a Cream & Cheese Sauce  
 Grilled Fish of the Day
Slow Cooked Beef in Chilli, Garlic & Red Wine
Roast Welsh Lamb & Red Wine Sauce
 Steak in Garlic & Red Wine Sauce
Pork Steak in Tomato, Onions. Herbs & Paprika Cream Sauce
Breast of Turkey in Cream & Mushroom Sauce

Sweet OR Cheese
Coffee & Mint


All mains served with fresh vegetables and potatoes or salad
If you would like a dish plain then please ask
If you have an allergy, please inform us and we will assist you






*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Vegetarian Mains

Vegetable Pancakes
Vegetable Lasagne
Vegetable Moussaka
Mushrooms Stroganoff
Mushrooms Portuguese (VEGAN)
Pasta in a sauce of your choice (VEGAN)
Chickpea curry (VEGAN)



Candlesticks Restaurant
Candlesticks Restaurant  
Candlesticks Restaurant  
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